Learn how to build a space-saving bed in a box!

Bed in a Box

Did you like the amazing bed in a box we’ve featured in the past? If you say yes, then you are probably going to like this slightly different version, too! Inspired by the original, this twin sized bed in a box was built¬†to be smaller and simpler so that it can be stored under another […]

Build your own tree-shaped bookshelf!

Tree Shaped Bookshelf

This tree-shaped bookshelf is a beautiful addition to any room and you can definitely build one yourself! Some of you might have seen tree-shaped bookshelves being sold online, and you probably know that they can cost $1,000 and more! Want to learn how to build it? You can find the step-by-step tutorial, including plans, by heading […]

Upcycled Horseshoes Ideas

Horseshoe Crafts

Ever thought about what you can make with horseshoes? Well, there are lots of ideas out there.  This list shows just some of the really adorable ones! We think they are all pretty easy to DIY, too – if you have some experience with metalworking. ūüėČ So if you’ve been wanting to make something awesome […]