DIY Mason Jar Lamp

DIY Mason Jar Lamp

Here’s a lamp you can easily alter to set the ambiance of your room! It’s also a seriously easy DIY project! ūüėČ This DIY mason jar lamp is perfect for those who want to keep it simple. And¬†the mason jars are easily replaceable so that if you want a slight change to suit your mood, […]

Learn how to build a Tetris bookshelf!

Tetris Bookshelf

Bring back your love of Tetris with this DIY bookshelf project! This Tetris DVD/bookcase is a clever bookshelf idea that lets you configure its blocks¬†into various ways. It all depends on the space that you have! And though it’s called a DVD/bookcase, this shelf¬†is perfect for many other things¬†that you wish to store or display. […]

Build a Space-Saving Fold-Down Greenhouse

Fold-down greenhouse

Need a greenhouse but still haven’t found the perfect one for your garden? Here’s an interesting idea you might want to¬†try! It’s perfect for small gardens, too! This fold-down greenhouse¬†works very well and is convenient to use! Made simply with PVC pipes and plastic sheeting, this greenhouse idea is simple and easy to build. The […]

How to build a bookshelf in a door

Bookshelf Door

Here’s an awesome idea if you want more shelving in your small¬†space… or if you want to ‘hide’ a private room… or if you just want to have an awesome door you can talk about with guests. Turn a door into a set of shelves! (Or should that read: Turn some shelves into a door! […]

Revamp your old dresser with this faux suitcase painted furniture idea!

Faux Suitcase Drawer

Got an old and worn-out looking dresser? Don’t throw it away – instead, give it a makeover! Now if you can’t¬†think of a good design¬†perhaps this faux suitcase drawer idea would suit your taste. ūüėČ The more detailed the paintings are, the better. Faux suitcase drawers should look very realistic for it to look really […]

Small Closet Turned Bedroom for Pet Dog!

Dog Bedroom

OK, here’s a really cute idea for¬†those of you who have a dog at home. Instead of the unattractive kennel, why not give your fur baby his own bedroom! If pets are family, then¬†they definitely should have their own bedroom! But¬†of course we’re not talking about a full-size bedroom – any small room or space […]

Learn how to build your own mini smoker!

DIY Mini Smoker

It’s a glorious summer day, windless and warm, and you are out back of the house getting intoxicated. Not on beer, but on smoke. The mouth-watering aroma curling up from the smoker makes you practically tipsy, doesn’t it? You can be smoking beef short ribs. A leisurely bath in the vapors deepens the beefy flavor […]

Make your own inexpensive livestock fodder growing system!

DIY Fodder System

If you are raising your own livestock or looking at starting a homestead, you should also look at having your own fodder growing system. Why? Because it offers lots of benefits – for you and your livestock! Being independent¬†at providing food for your animals is a great way to reduce the overall expenses of¬†raising your […]

Old playhouse turned chicken coop!

Playhouse Chicken Coop

Want to build a chicken coop? Did a cost estimate? Realized you don’t have enough money for it right now? Well if you happen to have a playhouse no one is playing with anymore, you might have just found a solution… like the owner of this chicken coop! She has been wanting to raise chickens for years. The problem is […]