How To Build A Miniature Greenhouse

Here’s a really simple, very easy to build greenhouse that you can fit just about anywhere. Got more space? Then scale up or build two! They’re very easy and quick to build. This is a lot less expensive than a comparable store-bought greenhouse. The materials are affordable and are easily found in your local hardware […]

Hanging Shoe Storage Vertical Planter

Planting directly in the ground or in a raised garden bed is really the ideal way of growing produce. But not all of us have the space in our backyard. Aside from that, plants that are grown in the ground are vulnerable to critters that might dig or feast on your vegetable patch. If you’re also […]

Versatile Raised Planter Stand: A Simple 4-Step Guide

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Raised planters aren’t a new idea. Dating back to 300 BC when the pre-Hispanic peoples of the Andes used them to prevent erosion, there is ample reason for their still-growing popularity today. This easy and inexpensive raised planter stand is a great solution for a variety of garden issues. A raised planter stand is a […]