Sawhorse Made From Pallets

I found myself needing a couple of sawhorses, and I have a bunch of pallets… I went online and found a guide, but it was (imho) somewhat of hard to follow with no pics.  So I used the basic idea and built my own. Enjoy. Step 1: Tools and Materials This is my list of […]

15 ways to keep your major project on budget   Some might think that the most important element in a self build or renovation project is the plot or house. And, indeed, they would be right to an extent — without that original opportunity, there can be no construction. But, in fact, the most important part of any project of this nature is the budget, […]

Basic DIY Home-Repair Tool Kit

That flimsy set of three tools that your aunt and uncle got you for college graduation will not do the trick when it comes to serious home repairs. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or detached house, at some point, you will have to undertake repairs. Having a set of tools will help […]

Fabulous Ways to Reuse Broken Glass and Mirrors in Your Decor

It happens to the best of us. We inadvertently bump into a wall, sending a mirror or frame crashing to the ground, shattering to pieces. Or maybe the kids and pets are being too rambunctious in the house and that collection of plates and glassware ends up in shards. But what if we looked at […]

Marble, Corian, or Granite?

Among all the areas in your home, kitchens and their countertops may have the most demanding role to play. Not only do we want them to be beautiful, but as this is where all your food preparation occurs, they must be extremely durable—heatproof, scratchproof, and stainproof. Since there are so many materials, styles, and designs […]

DIY Adhesive Repairs

Having the right adhesive on hand can make many small household chores a breeze. Hot glue comes in handy anytime you have an accidental breakage, need a quick appliance touch up or when it’s time to address general wear and tear. Here are 10 exciting ways hot glue adhesive is useful around the house for […]