Inexpensive duck house from a wooden cable spool!

Cable Spool Duck House

We’ve had cat castles, stylish crates for dogs, even houses for chooks, and now we have one for ducks too! Do you want a large and spacious house for your ducks? Then this cable spool duck house just might be the one you are looking for! It’s a large pet shelter that’s very straightforward and you can […]

8 Amazing Playbed Ideas for Kids


Play ‘plays’ an important part in every child’s well-being. Kids learn a lot through play so it’s important that parents support this kind of activity in every way possible. And one fun way is to build them a great playbed! While playing outdoors is encouraged, the weather does not always cooperate with our plans. This palybed idea serves […]

Build an inexpensive floating pull-out crate storage!

Floating Pull Out Crate Storage

Build a clever floating pull-out crate storage! We all have that one room at home that’s just difficult to keep organized. No matter how many times you tidy up, it always seems to become a mess again. If you’re still looking for that perfect closet organization idea, this DIY project may be just what you […]

The best convertible picnic table and bench in 1

Convertible Picnic Table Bench

A picnic table is an essential piece of outdoor furniture for anyone who loves to dine al fresco with friends and family. But a convertible one would be a great idea. Not only does it provide a great place to enjoy a meal, but it can also be easily converted into a makeshift seating area […]