Learn how to build a plunge pool with pallets and an IBC!

Above Ground Pallet and IBC Plunge Pool

Has the summer heat got you daydreaming of spending all day in a pool? You can go to a beach resort and do exactly that but it would most likely cost a lot of money. And a frequent trip would not be practical if you are working like the rest of us. Well, we found a great […]

How to turn an old washing machine into a wishing well burn barrell

Wishing Well Burn Barrel from Old Washing Machine

There are few things better than gathering around a bonfire with friends and family, drinking wine, telling stories, cozying up in front of a warm, crackling fire. People have been enjoying these little pleasures for thousands of years! But why buy an expensive, decorative fire pit for your yard when you can have something as impressive […]

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