Inexpensive Tiny Workshop for an Ultimate DIYer

Are you a persistent DIYer? Woodworking in all its forms is an enormously popular hobby among DIY enthusiasts. Most people, regardless of their abilities, just like to tinker with a bit of wood and create something. Starting out is easy.  But there is a common misconception that woodworking requires a considerable amount of space. The […]

How to prepare, stain and seal any concrete floor in six easy steps…

Stained and polished concrete floors are not a new idea. But they have had a huge renaissance in recent years, largely because of the improvement of and access to finishing materials. Many new home owners are deciding to not put down floor coverings such as tiles or carpets and instead opting for a stained and polished […]

An Effective Self-Watering Vertical Garden

DIY Self Watering Garden

Gardening doesn’t get any ‘greener’ than this! Here’s a DIY self-watering vertical garden that uses recycled PET bottles as planters. And it’s equipped with an automatic watering system, powered by solar panels and a homemade wind turbine! The vegetable garden is made up of 72 large water bottles cut in half and installed upside down on a wooden […]

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