How to build a 2-in-1 picnic table and bench

Convertible Picnic Table Bench

We’ve featured one DIY convertible picnic table and bench before, but here’s another version that you just might find more suitable for you!   Unlike the first picnic table/bench we showed you, this piece of furniture has a simpler design (easier build) and is easier to use. In this one, you don’t need to lift and move the entire table […]

Build your own barbecue grill table!

DIY Barbecue Grill Table

Love having backyard parties? You will surely like this DIY barbecue grill table! Barbecue parties are fun but they are a lot more enjoyable when you are cooking comfortably in a proper ‘work area’. Now if you need something that is movable, this barbecue grill table is one of the options for you – a table/cart for a Big Green Egg grill! But since this is a […]

Build your own seashell table

Seashell Table

Is yours a beach loving family? Then this custom table idea is for you!? Making a seashell coffee table is a quick and easy project but what makes this really interesting is how creative your custom table can be. Just take a look at this featured seashell table, made with a 20-inch terracotta pot! It’s […]

Create your own drink station from an old sewing table!

Old sewing table turned drink station

If you love hosting get-togethers at home, then you will love this drink station idea! A drink station made from an old sewing table – a simple repurposing idea, but a really clever one! We say clever because you don’t need to do a lot of modification for this project. The hole where the sewing machine […]

Save space by building your own foldable craft table

DIY Foldable Craft Table

Don’t have the extra space for a dedicated craft area at home? Why let that stop you from being creative and working on awesome projects when you can make your space-conscious craft station. Build a foldable craft table! This DIY furniture project has a similar design as that of Ikea’s NORDEN Gateleg Table which has a […]

Build an awesome custom bottle cap bar top

Bottle Cap Bar Top

Who doesn’t enjoy a bottle of beer every now and then? If you drink beer, then you probably know the satisfaction that comes from sampling a rare brew and then collecting the bottle cap to commemorate the moment. If you’ve been collecting bottle caps but can’t think of a nice project to do with them, […]

DIY 80 x 36″ PVC Table


Need a REALLY wide table for you to work on? Buying one can be expensive. This DIY PVC table solves your budget concern, plus it’s relatively easy to build! DIY PVC TableIt’s ideal for those who work with a team that needs more than one unit as each only costs around $74. Imagine the amount of […]

DIY Wrap-Around Desk

If you’re looking for a home office project, this one could be for you. This wrap around desk will give you some great work space and an individual look. Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.  You’ll need these materials: 2 – short filing cabinets of equal […]

DIY Crate Coffee Table

There’s nothing like a solid coffee table with storage space. This one made from crates will let you store throw rugs, magazines, board games etc. tucked away but within arms reach. Do you want to have this for your living area? Doing it yourself would only cost you around $50 – probably less if you decide […]

Wood Scrap End Table

It’s amazing how something incredibly beautiful can come from things we label as trash or scrap. Take this end table as an example! It hasn’t come from a high-end furniture shop. In fact it’s made from bits of scrap timber that 99% of us would trash. Just think of all those offcuts you’ve binned! Heck, […]