Finishing your deck – oil or stain?
Now that you’re done constructing your deck the only thing...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: Sand, Cement, Water and one very irate woman!
Well, well, well - three holes in the ground. (OK...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: In The Beginning…
    So, what possesses a woman with a three,...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: The (W)hole Disaster
If this is the first time you've read my blog,...
Industrial House Numbers
Which part of your house does anyone first see and notice?...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: The (W)hole Disaster Concludes…
Even if you've been paying close attention as you've followed...
Our Natural Swimming Pond Build: The (W)hole Disaster continues…
With a non-existent budget for a swimming pond and a...
Welcome to the world of natural swimming ponds!
If you ask Wikipedia, "A natural swimming pool or natural swimming pond (NSP) is...
Brain-eating Amoeba and other possibilities
If you've followed this blog from the start (a big...
Do-It-Yourself Bed With Drawers
Do you need more storage in your bedroom, but lack...

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How to Make a Mini Steam Boat

Before our kids are sent off to school, the home is their first place of learning. This is why when they were toddlers, I made

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How to Build a Self Groomer for Cats

Cats are pretty fun to have around. They can be playful, perpetually curious, and loving – well, at least depending on their mood. One particular

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DIY Tie Rack Hanger

Organizing my husband’s ties used to be a huge challenge for me. No matter how meticulous I get, arranging them ever so carefully, his tie

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DIY Magnetic Honing Guide

Tools make our lives a whole lot easier. But some tools need another tool to work perfectly. My husband loves to make wooden sculptures to


How to Build a Co-sleeper Crib

It appears that most parents with newborn babies prefer having a co-sleeper instead of the traditional four-walled crib. It allows them to stay close to

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DIY Cat Rope Bridge

Having a pet can bring lots of joy. Studies show that pets help reduce stress and prevent loneliness, especially for those who live alone. Those

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How to Build a Spinning Spice Rack

Cabinets allow us to organize the contents of in a room. The kitchen, for example, has a lot going on. There are utensils, cutting boards,

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