DIY Wind Chime

Save some money by making your own colourful wind chime from bottle caps :) Materials: 40-50 pcs of bottle caps metal wire pliers with wire cutter hammer and a punch…

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Glass Bottle Torch

Make good use of those old wine bottles and create your own tiki torches at home! Materials: Empty Wine Bottle (or any beautiful glass bottles which have necks 1 inch…

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Stationary Supply Storage
Simple, fun and colourful small stationary items storage. Did we mention practical?

Stationary Supply Storage

This fun project comes together in no time with the help of a zipper and hot glue. Personalize the container with a fashionable zipper or use your favorite colored-plastic bottle…

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Make a Light Bulb Vase
A unique vase that's easy to make!

Make a Light Bulb Vase

Give new life to a dead light bulb by turning it into a vase! Basic tips on how to hollow out a light bulb: Carefully peel off the contact at…

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Smoker by Flip Tetlow

Doing an outdoor smoke / grill open air building behind my shop / house. Thought I would document here for whoever is interested. Just had the slab poured which is…

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