Creative DIY Book Projects

Upcycling with books? Don’t get me wrong here – books are treasures. They are one of the most valuable things we could find. They provide entertainment, take you places, give…

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DIY Book Clock

I loooove reading novels and now I have a bunch of books sitting in my room. They have basically become “useless” things that just gather dust but I love them.…

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DIY Cork Stamps

This is one of the most common and easiest ideas to do with old corks from wine bottles. Since corks are basically just taken out of tree trunks, no two…

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Concrete Letters

Designing your house is important if you want a pleasant home to live in. It is even better if your house is filled with unique and customized decorations. It makes…

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14 Creative Penny Ideas
A pretty centerpiece for your coffee table (from Woohome)

14 Creative Penny Ideas

Pennies are the most unused money in our purses. Personally, I just leave them in a jar at home when it becomes too many to have more space in my purse.…

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How to Fold Fitted Sheets

Folding clothes can sometimes be very frustrating. It’s a tedious household chore, and I hate it even more when the clothes are being stubborn! Some are just difficult to fold so that…

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Rock the Block

We don't always have to go to the store and buy things everytime we want to give our homes a new look. All it takes is creativity and resourcefulness - transforming existing…

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