8 Best Electric Drills – Which Is Right for Your Needs?

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While there are hundreds of drills available, you can narrow down your options by considering what matters the most to you. Is it power, weight, or price?
While there are hundreds of drills available, you can narrow down your options by considering what matters the most to you. Is it power, weight, or price?

Cordless tools are becoming increasingly prevalent as technology advances. The basic question, though, is which is superior: corded or cordless. The answer will all depend on how you intend to use it. Are you a contractor who requires it for heavy-duty jobs? Perhaps you’re a homeowner who requires it for minor tasks. Let’s evaluate the two types of electric hand drills to see which one is ideal for you.

Corded vs. Cordless Electric Hand Drills

Corded drills have long been known for their power. They are often the drill of choice for contractors due to their reliability. They provide more power for difficult activities like working with metals or hardwoods.

They are energy-efficient and will operate as long as they have access to power. The outlet delivers consistent power, so you won’t run out of juice in the middle of work.

On the other hand, cordless or battery-powered drills are becoming more popular these days. As battery technology advances, more people are turning to cordless drills. They become the drills of choice for convenience; the go-to drills for many pros and DIY enthusiasts.

However, cordless drills are powered by batteries. Before you purchase a cordless drill, take its battery life into account. The majority of cordless drills come with a standard battery, which is typically only 2.0Ah. A standard charger is included, capable of charging a 2.0Ah battery for 2 hours. If you prefer a cordless drill, purchase at least one extra battery. Invest in a second higher amperage battery, with a capacity of up to 8.0Ah. You can stick with your favorite battery brand or get an after-market (non-branded) battery that is of comparable quality but less priced. You may also buy a fast charger, which charges in around 30 minutes. This comes at an additional cost, but for a tradesman, a fast charger is essential.

Power, mobility, and weight are all factors to consider when choosing a drill. The right drill can help you accomplish a lot around the house or workshop.
Power, mobility, and weight are all factors to consider when choosing a drill. The right drill can help you accomplish a lot around the house or workshop.

Best Corded Electric Drills for Every Project

Contractors still favor corded electric hand drills for the heaviest jobs. Here’s a roundup of the best-corded options available today.

1. Best Overall Corded Drill: DEWALT DWD115K 3/8-Inch VSR Mid-Handle Corded Electric Drill

The DEWALT DWD115K 3/8-inch VSR mid-handle drill kit with a keyless chuck is versatile and easy to use. It has an 8-A motor that can produce a speed of 0-2,500 rpm, delivering the power you need in a light-duty drill for all your drilling and fastening applications. Take advantage of the drill’s variable-speed trigger, handy reversing switch, and comfortable mid-handle grip to work smarter for longer.

This model is a top choice, as shown by countless 5-star ratings on Amazon. “What not to love about your power tool? You can feel the power. It works great. The carrying case is great too. Love you, Dewalt,” according to one customer who gave very positive feedback and a 5-star rating.

There are only minor concerns mentioned in a few reviews to note down, which could be related to wear and use and could have been resolved by servicing. Here’s an example: “This thing worked well for three years. Used about a dozen times a year. Put away nicely after each use. I noticed the chuck was getting harder to release recently and today it seized completely.”

DEWALT backs up its high-quality construction with a 90-day money-back guarantee, a three-year limited warranty, and one-year free servicing.

2. Best Jobsite Corded Drill: BLACK+DECKER DR260C Corded Drill

The BLACK+DECKER DR260C Corded Drill is a small yet powerful drill with a 5.2 Amp motor that can drill/drive into a variety of materials. It can provide the power you require for greater control over all of your tasks.

This model is a good choice for any job site project, it is reliable and easy to bring anywhere. According to a very happy Amazon buyer, “This Black and Decker corded drill were more powerful than I expected, and it’s heavy duty. It’s easy to add a bit to it. There are no keys, just twist, and the cord is adequate.”

However, this model includes a keyless chuck, which has been a surprise setback for some customers. To quote one of them, “I cannot loosen the chuck for the life of me. I would need a couple of giant pliers or adjustable wrenches and even then I might end up breaking the chuck just trying to loosen it.”

However, BLACK+DECKER backs this model with a 2-year warranty and support for any potential concerns.

3. Best Multi-Material Corded Drill: Metabo HPT D13VF Corded Drill

The D13VF 1/2″ 0-850 RPM model features a 9-A motor with a variable speed trigger and can drill into any material. The maximum torque of 416.6 In-lbs is ideal for high torque applications mode, which can drill into various types of metal, wood, plastic resin, stainless steel, and similar materials, as well as tighten and loosen small screws, wood screws, nuts, and bolts.

It is ideal for multi-material works. Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the versatility of the drill. According to one happy customer, “The best drill I’ve bought. I do tile for a living and this drill can mix mud all day and night with no problem, if there are 6 stars I’d give it 6”.

However, like the other drill models, it also did not satisfy all of its buyers. According to one Amazon buyer, “Metabo has a pretty good reputation so was willing to try this drill. It did not hold up to a comparable drill I used for two years and in fact, only lasted a day of moderate use! I am going back to my previous brand, would suggest you try another if you are thinking about heavy-duty use.”

While there are doubts about its ability to handle heavy demanding tasks, it has established its versatility and dependability in routine projects, so it is still cost-effective.

4. Best Budget-Friendly Drill: BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT Corded Electric Drill

The BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT Corded Electric Drill is compact and lightweight. This 4A corded power drill has an 11-position clutch to help avoid stripped screws. The corded power drill’s MATRIX Quick Connect System facilitates tool-free attachment changes.

It is highly recommended for those on a tight budget, but its power is sufficient for everyday tasks. One satisfied Amazon customer said, “Great product….especially for around-the-house stuff….even medium to somewhat heavy projects this thing will still hold its own….it fits well in the hand….not crazy heavy like some drills can be when they need a lot of power….all the attachments are stellar….and you get a lot for your money”.

Despite the fact that it may appear the opposite, the following observations from one buyer are worth hearing. “Very heavy for household or craft use. On my particular drill I could not unscrew or loosen the chuck to install drill bits to use it,” he explained.

However, the item weight is 1 lb, and most reviewers considered it to be lightweight.

Best Cordless Electric Drills for Greater Mobility

A cordless drill gives you more mobility. You can carry it wherever you want without dragging an extension cable behind you. More powerful cordless drills, on the other hand, are usually more expensive than corded drills. Here’s a list of the best cordless drills on the market right now.

1. Best Overall Cordless Drill: Metabo HPT 18V MultiVolt DS18DBFL2E Cordless Drill With Lifetime Tool Warranty 

The 18V MultiVolt 1/2″ Brushless Drill (model DS18DBFL2E) takes power and torque to new heights. It has an amazing 1,800 RPM driving speed and 620 in-lbs of torque to tackle any job. This drill has an ergonomic design that makes it incredibly well-balanced and easy to use all day. The 1/2″ keyless metal chuck makes bit changing quick and simple while also avoiding bit slippage while in operation.

It includes two 1.5Ah batteries (333353M) and a charger (UC18YFSLM). For customers’ complete peace of mind, it comes with a lifetime tool warranty.

It is an excellent choice for a cordless drill. One of the most satisfied customers wrote in her review, “The batteries came nearly fully charged and only took about 20 minutes each to top up and they were ready to go. The drill has a built-in light on the bottom of it that is bright and covers your work area well. I really like this light compared to other drills I have where the light is higher up.”

The Metabo drill model poses nearly no serious problems; there is a noise issue, but it appears to be an isolated case. According to one buyer, “And very minor point, it’s slightly noisier than the old drill. I think the different (more powerful) motor is the reason. Also noticed a different tone when using my 3.0 Ah battery vs the included batteries, which makes me think you might not get the full power from this drill unless you use the higher-rated batteries..?”

2. Best Value for Money: DEWALT 20V Max DCD771C2 Cordless Drill

Are you considering cost-effectiveness? Consider DEWALT. The DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill has more than enough power for the weekend warrior or intermediate artist, and it’s well worth the money. It comes with a lithium battery pack and a superb travel case that neatly holds the drill, battery, and charger.

The power drill’s high-performance motor offers 300-unit watts out (UWO) of power, allowing it to complete a wide range of applications. The DEWALT 20V drill’s high-speed transmission has two speeds (0-450 and 1,500 rpm) for a variety of fastening and drilling tasks. It has a 3-year limited warranty.

When it comes to dependability and cost-effectiveness, this model is a solid choice. “As always, DeWalt makes quality products. I bought two of the 20V cordless drills for my office workshop and they feel solid. I saw some questions about how many batteries it comes with, and it came with two batteries, and one charger, even though the picture shows only one battery,” said one Amazon reviewer.

Its built-in light, on the other hand, has caused an instance of discomfort. “The built-in light is in the wrong place because it does not illuminate the drill area. The drill bit chuck is in the way of the light so the chuck’s shadow falls across the area where the drill tip engages with the wood or material being drilled,” said one customer.

3. Best Jobsite Cordless Drill: BOSCH PS130-2A 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Ultra-Compact Cordless Drill

This is by far the smallest cordless drill, making it ideal for working in tight spaces. Its extremely low head length and short height aid with balance and control. It only weighs 2.3 pounds.

It comes with a 12-volt lithium-ion battery. It has enough power to drive and drill screws into wood with ease. Metal screw driving and drilling will be smooth as well. Bosch offers a 3-year ProVantage warranty for this model.

However, based on the countless 5-star reviews on Amazon, a replacement or servicing is unlikely. “The fit and finish on this unit is the usual Bosch quality, which is a very high professional grade. I highly recommend this product,” one very pleased client wrote.

The battery life though ran short for one buyer. “Battery life appeared very short [less than 2 hours] compared to the 10.5-volt drill which could “run all day” on a single charge,” he said.

This is where having an extra battery is useful.

4. Best Budget-Friendly Cordless Drill: BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* LD120VA Cordless Drill

The Black and Decker 20V cordless drill has sold well over the years and is best for aiding homeowners who simply need a drill around the house. This battery-powered cordless drill is great for homeowners who want to repair furniture or install a TV mount. The price is unbeatable for a heavy-duty cordless drill with up to 750 rpm. This drill can be cut through wood, metal, and plastic. It includes the LB20 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery and the LCS20 Charger. Its Powerconnect Battery System also allows you to use a single battery with your other power tools. It is covered by a 2-year warranty.

This cordless device is a popular choice, judging from numerous 5-star Amazon reviews. According to one very satisfied reviewer, “It’s always charged, easy to use, and I wish I had got it years ago!!!”

However, there were a few low review scores, but the related troubles appear to be isolated. “Had it a year I used it a few times(less than 10 ) and now it makes noise but it doesn’t screw anymore.”

Battery Life

When opting for a cordless drill, always take into account its battery life. And it relies on the capacity of the battery of the drill of your choice. The capacity of a battery is measured in Amp-hours (Ah) and ranges from 1.5 Ah to 8.0 Ah. 1.5Ah denotes that a battery pack can provide 1.5 amps of continuous power for one hour. A tool that draws 0.75A from a 1.5Ah battery has a two-hour runtime, while one that draws 3.0A has a half-hour duration.

The cord-free nature can give you more freedom and mobility. You only need a battery for power. And most kits also include a free standard battery, and the option to purchase an additional fast-charging battery is likewise available. Buying an after-market or non-branded battery can reduce costs, and this battery is also of good quality.

You can buy an extra battery for longer use. You can alternatively buy an "after-market" or non-branded battery, which is of comparable quality but less expensive.
You can buy an extra battery for longer use. You can alternatively buy an “after-market” or non-branded battery, which is of comparable quality but less expensive.


So, which drill is ideal for you? We’ve reviewed the top corded and cordless drills available today. If you have the heaviest jobs, opt for one of the best-corded drills on the list, all of them are powerful and reliable. However, if you only have a few simple DIY or household projects to complete, any of the cordless drills on our list can assist you, they are more practical and efficient to use.

All of the corded and cordless electric hand drills on our list are of high quality and dependable. They all have these characteristics:

  • Power
  • Speed
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Superior materials
  • Adaptable capacity

Which one would you go for?



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