How to Build a Goat Milking Stand

Milking goats can be a challenge, especially if your goat is quite uncooperative. I know this because my brother-in-law owns a homestead. My kids would spend summer vacations with him while they were growing up. And almost always, when milking time comes, they grapple with the goats on the ground. While this may sound fun, […]

How to Build a Giant Shoe Box

There are thousands of DIY projects out there but some turn out to be wildly popular. They’ve been shared on social media millions of times and people are raving about it. One particular project in mind is the giant shoe box. It’s so trendy that even celebrities have them. However, you need not spend a […]

How to Make a Mini Steam Boat

Before our kids are sent off to school, the home is their first place of learning. This is why when they were toddlers, I made sure that there were lots of educational toys in the house. As they grew up, their screen time was limited, too – and always after reading a book. Today, my […]

Build Your Own Tripod Camping Stool

My family loves to go camping. Instead of going to theme parks, my kids would rather hike up a mountain. After about an hour or so, we reach this wide clearing with a gorgeous view. I, on one hand, have never really enjoyed camping before. However, I learned that the secret to enjoying it is […]

Want Your Own Home Gaming Room? Start Designing…

Our kids are the digital generation. VRT will be the norm.

There’s been a lot of talk about the rise of virtual reality and how it might change the video game industry. The ability and opportunity to step into virtual worlds to experience games from a first person perspective isn’t just novel, it’s a very exciting concept for any gamer. But like anything new, VR isn’t […]

How to Build a Self Groomer for Cats

Cats are pretty fun to have around. They can be playful, perpetually curious, and loving – well, at least depending on their mood. One particular thing that I love about them though is that they are very independent, not very high maintenance, so to speak. I can go out the door and my cat won’t […]

DIY Tie Rack Hanger

Organizing my husband’s ties used to be a huge challenge for me. No matter how meticulous I get, arranging them ever so carefully, his tie drawer will be a mess by the end of the week. And so I have to start with the process of arranging them again. You bet I constantly nagged him […]

DIY Magnetic Honing Guide

Tools make our lives a whole lot easier. But some tools need another tool to work perfectly. My husband loves to make wooden sculptures to de-stress. One of his default tools is a chisel. Because he uses them regularly, the tools need regular sharpening as well. Good quality tools can be a big investment, but […]