DIY Adhesive Repairs

Having the right adhesive on hand can make many small household chores a breeze. Hot glue comes in handy anytime you have an accidental breakage, need a quick appliance touch up or when it’s time to address general wear and tear.

Here are 10 exciting ways hot glue adhesive is useful around the house for quick fixes and repairs. No matter what type of project you have in mind, always quality hot glue gun for proper application and safety.

  1. Quiet that noisy drawer when it shuts

Fix cabinets and drawers that make a loud bang when closed with a bead of hot glue. The glue will dampen the sound on contact, eliminating the irritating noise. To avoid damage to the item, you can apply painter’s tape or adhesive tape to the inside of the drawer or cabinet before applying the glue.

Open the offending drawer or door and find the contact points that make the noise when slammed together. Add tape if necessary to protect the area, and then a dollop of hot glue about the size of a small pea.

Form it, if necessary, and then let it cool. These small beads will diminish the points of contact and inhibit the banging noise.

  1. Stabilize small appliances

Items like computers, table legs, bookends and trivets have small rubber feet to keep them stable on a slick surface. Over time, these can wear away or get lost, leaving the item wobbly, unstable or crooked. Repair this quickly with a small bead of hot glue.

To avoid damage, you can apply painter’s tape or adhesive tape to the item before applying the glue. Bead a good amount of hot glue on the surface and make sure the replacement bead is the same size and shape as the existing rubber feet. These small beads will stabilize your item for easier use on a flat surface.

  1. Repair an exposed area of wire insulation

Electrical cords can suffer insulation damage over time, leaving the wires inside the cord exposed. Repair this by applying hot glue on top of the exposed area.

Unplug the cord from the electrical outlet before attempting to fix it. If the damage is extreme, indicated by the metal part of the wire being exposed, call a professional or replace the item.

Apply a length of hot glue over the exposed area, replacing the insulation and sealing off the wire correctly. Apply in layers, if necessary, and mold into shape, ensuring everything is adequately covered and protected.

  1. Fix an unraveling hem on pants

Unstitched or torn hems seem to appear at the wrong time and are never a quick fix. It requires either a change of clothing or digging out the needle and thread.

Apply hot melt adhesive in dabs around the broken hem and glue it firmly back into place. The cloth won’t absorb the glue, and the fix will be completely invisible. It will stay in place even after a few washes.

You can leave the fix in semi-permanently. When you are ready, gently remove the adhesive and stitch the hem.

  1. Tighten a loose handle on a hand tool

Handles often loosen over time, rendering hand tools useless. However, objects like screwdrivers, trowels and shears can be given a second life with a bit of adhesive.

Add a few drops of adhesive to the handle to reattach. Allow the glue to cure properly, then give it a test before you use it on a project.

If you inadvertently stripped a screw hole before you fixed your hand tool, you can easily fix it. Fill the stripped hole with hot melt glue, let it dry completely and drill a pilot hole before sinking your screw.

  1. Repair your soap dish

This fix works with those irritating plastic soap dishes that collect water and leave your soap soggy.

Use a gentle drill bit to make three or four small holes in the center and underside of the dish. These will form drain holes, allowing water to escape easily.

Next, clear them of any sharp edges. Turn the dish over and add a series of hot glue dollops at the corners and in the center, being sure not to cover any of the drainage holes. Pat the glue down, so it is of equal height, allowing your soap dish to be level and slightly raised above the surface.

There’ll be no more soggy soap with this fix because water simply drains away, leaving your soap dry.

  1. Keep area rugs from migrating


Small area rugs, like those you use in front of doors, are constantly on the move. Instantly add grip to the back of rugs and slow down the constant migration across the floor.

If necessary, apply painter’s tape or adhesive tape to the back of the rug before applying the glue to avoid damage. Drizzle a pattern or apply small beads over the back side of the large surface. Let the glue cool and cure before turning over. The glue dots will provide enough grip to keep the area rug from slipping.

  1. Clean Your Make Up Brushes

On a small plastic surface, like a clipboard, make a series of dots and waves with hot glue. Cover the entire surface with these patterns and allow it to dry.

Hold the finished result under running water. Using a gentle soap, rub your used make up brushes against it to clean them. This works like the old-fashioned washboards and is a wonderful solution for makeup brush cleaning.

  1. Repair exposed underwire in your bra

If your bra underwire is protruding and causing discomfort, you can fix it with some hot glue. Simply push the exposed piece of underwire back into its material sheath and add a measure of hot glue to keep it there. While the glue is wet, cover it with a small patch of cloth for reinforcement and to add a layer of protection between the repaired area and your skin.

  1. Hang Christmas lights easily

Christmas lights attach easily to the outside of your brick or stucco home with hot glue. Don’t try this on painted surfaces, as it may remove the paint.

Find a midpoint or begin at the plug end of a strand of lights. Apply glue to the light socket, then gently press against the house to adhere. Install a few sockets at a time and wait for a proper bond before proceeding.

When it’s time to take them down, the lights come off easily. Simply slide a putty knife between the light socket and the surface. If any residue remains on the house, it will disintegrate during warm weather and with exposure to the sun.

What Can’t Hot Glue Do?

Hot glue has so many applications around the house that can save you time and money. As you go through your to-do list, see how many ways you can use hot glue to help you repair small appliances, make your DIY projects easier and even keep your rugs, pictures and appliances from wobbling. With the right application, hot glue can restore balance, serenity and order to your home.




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