Make a pallet planter box for beautiful cascading flowers!

Pallet Planter Box

Here’s another easy project that will bring more colour and life to your home! All you have to do is build it in one day, wait around five months and you’ll have an eye-catching feature in your yard! This DIY project is a simple pallet planter box with 2-inch holes drilled on the panels for flowers to cascade from. […]

Custom Carved Wooden Door Designs

Custom Carved Wooden Doors

First impressions last and the door to your home could be it to anyone visiting your home. After all it’s the first sight that greets them when they enter your home for the first time. You might have chosen door for the sense of security and privacy that it gives you. But doors can actually be a […]

Build a beautiful garden hose storage with planter!

Garden Hose Storage with Planter

A beautiful garden won’t thrive without it, but it can be an eyesore if left just lying around. We’re talking about the garden hose! Since it’s essential to your garden, then you might as well provide for a proper storage for it in your backyard. Well, we have a clever and beautiful storage solution for hiding the […]