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When planning your pool design, it's essential to consider how you'll use the pool in the future as well as today!
When planning your pool design, it’s essential to consider how you’ll use the pool in the future as well as today!

Are you thinking of putting in a swimming pool? With the seemingly never-ending hot weather, it’s a tempting idea! To help you get the result you want, we’ve compiled a few tips to get you underway:

When trying to determine the perfect swimming pool design for your home, it’s essential to look past your current situation and try to project into the future when your needs may change. This guide might help you to pinpoint features that you haven’t thought about as well as help you to identify aspects that should really be avoided.

Start with a “priority list” – those things that you feel are essential to have. There is a range of criteria that must be addressed (ensuring that you keep both your current and future lifestyles in mind) to ensure that your swimming pool design is perfect for you. We have outlined 15 of the most common criteria for you to consider (starting with what we think are critical and ending with the least important).

  • The pool should be usable year-round. This usually means that it needs to be heated, and various options exist for achieving this. In areas with very cold winters, this may mean enclosing your pool.
  • The purpose of the swimming pool. Some people want to be able to swim laps, whereas others want it to be family oriented.
  • The efficiency of heating the water. Remember that this is only applicable if you have opted for a heated pool.
  • The level of maintenance required. Some people want it to be easy to brush and vacuum, whereas others are not so bothered.
  • The level of protection from the wind. This is important for properties that are open, but not so important for sheltered ones. Evaporation is always an issue with any pool but those exposed to wind will evaporate much faster.
  • The presence of a shallow end or shelf. This is often a priority for homeowners with children so they can swim safely. It’s also great to sit part-submerged to just take in the ambience of your pool’s surroundings.
  • The area for relaxation. Steps and shelves can be inserted into your pool design at strategic intervals around the edge for relaxation.
  • The presence of a deep end. This is often a priority for homeowners, as they want to be able to fully immerse themselves in the water. Needless to say, kids are going to want to be able to jump in no matter what rules you lay down!
  • The flow between the pool and the home. This will not be a problem for homes on relatively flat blocks of land.
  • The visual merge with a body of water. If your view from the pool is of a lake, river or ocean, how can you maximise that outlook with and from the pool? Obviously, this is not a problem for properties that do not back onto bodies of water.
  • The obstruction of views from the home. Some people make the pool the view, whereas others prefer to see the garden or the surrounding areas.
  • Most regions now require pool fencing and rigidly enforce the law. What sort of fence can you afford? How will it impact the ambience of your entertainment area. Glass may be ideal but it comes at a cost. It also requires cleaning.

  • The increase in resale value. The addition of a pool with a great pool design could increase the value of your property, should you ever decide to move. (You can read more about pools and their value to your home here.)
  • The ease of getting in and out. Rough edges and a lack of ladders or steps can make it difficult and dangerous for people to get out.
  • The availability of wheelchair access. This will really only be important if you or a loved one is disabled.
  • The obstruction of yard access. Will you have to walk through the pool area to access the rest of your yard? This could make garden maintenance difficult, especially when it comes to removing garden litter.
  • Will the desired pool get sufficient use to warrant the initial and ongoing maintenance costs? Would it be better to reduce the size or even consider a spa?
Consider joining your local club if they have a swimming pool. It may well be a better financial decision over the longer term.
Consider joining your local club if they have a swimming pool. It may well be a better financial decision over the longer term.

We hope that the list of criteria outlined above helps you to determine both your current and future lifestyles, resulting in a perfect swimming pool design. Once you have determined the features you need to have and those you want to avoid, make sure this is expressed clearly to your chosen pool builder.



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