Learn how to make a pocket grill for your outdoor adventures!

DIY pocket grill

Nothing beats cooking over an open flame. Whether it’s for the salty sweetness on that lightly charred, freshly grilled corn or the rich, succulent tenderness of smoked meat, the outdoors begs us into the fresh open air to light a fire and start cooking. There are lots of portable grills out there for camping and other outdoor […]

Learn how to make your own wall art with a shower curtain

Shower Curtain Wall Art

What if you don’t have the budget for a canvas wall art, but there’s a big blank wall at home that’s begging for a decor? Then canvas wall art pieces using shower curtains is a great solution for you! They are not hard to find if you want to have one for your home but don’t have the artistic talent to […]

Make your own sliding pots and pans rack!

Whether your space is just too small or your storage options are simply limited, you might find yourself at a loss as to where to store pots and pans in your kitchen. Don’t despair. There are ways to store your pots out in the open that won’t hurt your eyes! Many of you have liked […]

Build your own beautiful greenhouse using old windows!

Greenhouse from Old Windows

Think a DIY greenhouse from old windows won’t look as attractive and be as functional as a ‘regular’ greenhouse? Well, this project just might change your mind! Building a greenhouse using reclaimed windows is definitely a great way to lessen project expenses, but usually at the expense of aesthetics. Sometimes, it doesn’t even serve its purpose well! This […]

Outdoor Serving Station Design Ideas

Outdoor Serving Stations

Do you know what makes having friends over for a little get-together even better? Having a proper serving station to entertain them with! Now if your backyard doesn’t have space for an outdoor bar, then this one is for you… Serve and enjoy delicious drinks and snacks with your friends by building your outdoor serving station! […]

Build a potting bench out of an old wood door

Old Wood Door Potting Bench

Is your garden lacking a potting bench? Well, you don’t have to think about spending a hundred dollars to get one… You can have a potting bench for just a tiny fraction of the cost by building it yourself using an old wood door! Repurposing an old wood door is definitely a clever idea if you need a potting bench in your garden. […]

Learn how to build a wine bottle chandelier

DIY Wine Bottle Chandelier

You can’t countdown to tne new year without a drink in your hand. New Year’s drinks and cocktails are a staple at New Year’s Eve parties, after all. Whether you’re a tequila, champagne, vodka, wine, or whiskey fan, there is always a drink for you. If you celebrated the new year in, chances are you […]

Make your own universal knife block with bamboo skewers

Knife holders are not very expensive, but why spend money on a regular knife block when you can easily make one that’s simple yet more elegant and functional! This clever knife block design came from the creative mind of Martin Robitsch. There are plenty of versions sold by different sellers, however, they are a little more […]

Organize all those sports balls at home by building this easy ball corral!

Bungee Cord Ball Storage

Got too many sports balls rolling all over your house? Here’s an easy yet clever DIY storage project you can do to keep them all in one place – a ball corral! There are so many reasons why this storage idea is a great solution for organizing balls. As we’ve mentioned, this DIY project is very easy […]

Build your own home theater seating with pallets!

Pallet Home Theater Seating

Who says building a movie theater at home requires a fortune? You can create your own cozy home theater for a song – by just sourcing a few pallets and matching cushions! What’s even better is that this project is very easy. No disassembly of pallets is needed. You only need to restore each pallet by sanding it and giving […]