Creative and inexpensive DIY wall art with a shower curtain

Learn how to make your own wall art with a shower curtain

If you’re working with a tight budget but still want to make a big impact in your home, why not try a canvas wall art piece made from a shower curtain? Shower curtains are a great way to add a pop of colour or pattern to a room. They can be easily hung on a wall using simple hardware, and they provide a temporary, inexpensive way to change the look of a space. If you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your bathroom, consider making wall art using a shower curtain in a bold colour or pattern.

Plus, you can find shower curtains at a wide range of prices to fit any budget. So if you’re looking for a creative and budget-friendly way to decorate a blank wall, consider using a shower curtain as your canvas!

They are not hard to find if you want to have one for your home but don’t have the artistic talent to create it yourself. What’s hard to find is a piece of art that is very affordable. (Even mass-produced wall art pieces are quite expensive!)

This shower curtain wall art idea is truly a clever DIY project for anyone who needs an easy and affordable solution to add a large wall hanging at home. Though they may not look like it, shower curtains make great canvas art pieces! 

You’d be surprised to find plenty of beautifully designed shower curtains today. Why you might even have a hard time deciding which one to get đŸ˜‰

Shower Curtain Wall Art

The only minor extra steps you need to do for this wall art project are:

  1. Building the frame for your wall art slightly smaller than the size of your shower curtain will give you clean edges and a professional look. To do this, simply staple the curtain to the back of the frame where it will be hidden. This will also help to keep the fabric in place and prevent it from wrinkling or bunching up.
  2. Remember to steam-iron your shower curtain before hanging it up as wall art. This will avoid any unsightly fold marks. If you don’t have a steam iron, a regular iron on low heat will suffice. Just be sure to not overdo it, as too much heat can damage the fabric.

You’ll need these materials:

  • Shower Curtain
  • 2 pcs 2″ x 1″ x 70″ (Top & Bottom Frame)
  • 4 pcs 2″ x 1″ x 68″ (Side Frames & Middle Support)
  • Nails / Wood Screws
  • Sawtooth Picture Hangers

And these tools:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Saw
  • Staple Gun
  • Drill / Nail Gun
  • (Steam) Iron
  • Spirit Level (optional)

Creating a DIY shower curtain wall art is a great way to add a personal touch to your bathroom. And it’s easy to do! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. First, choose an artistic shower curtain that you really like. Consider the colours and design, and make sure it fits in with the overall style of your home.
  2. Next, create a timber frame by cutting four pieces of wood to the same size and attaching them together with screws or nails. Adding extra pieces in the middle of the frame will provide extra support for your wall art and help to keep it level and stable.
  3. Next, attach the shower curtain to the frame using a staple gun. Make sure that the fabric is taut so that there are no wrinkles or sags. Finally, hang the frame on your wall with sawtooth picture hangers.

That’s it! Fast and easy! Plus, you’ll love the unique look of your new DIY shower curtain.

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