Straw Bale Gardening 101: The Path to Lush Abundance!

Straw Bale Gardening
Learn how to grow a straw bale garden!

Can’t grow plants and vegetables because critters keep eating them? This simple gardening idea might just be the solution for you!

A straw bale garden doesn’t exactly get rid of rodents and other plant eaters but with this set-up, they won’t be able to get to your plants.

The straw bale garden truly distinguishes itself from the traditional gardening approach in numerous striking ways, rendering it an alluring option for gardeners of all skill levels, whether beginners or experienced hands.

It boasts additional captivating benefits, notably a remarkable reduction in the arduous weed management typically associated with gardening. In fact, there may even be occasions when you won’t need to tackle a single weed.

Land Guard Galvanized Raised Garden Bed Kit

Envision the invaluable time and effort conserved when contrasted with the perpetual weeding required for conventional garden beds!

But that’s not all; the advantages continue. With your plants nestled in an elevated straw bale bed, tending to them becomes a breeze. You’ll find yourself spending less time bending over and kneeling down, which is a game-changer for gardeners who struggle with back and knee pain.

It’s a gardening alternative that not only yields abundant crops but also prioritizes your comfort and convenience in nurturing your green sanctuary.

There’s really nothing very special about straw bale gardening, except for the fact that a straw bale garden makes growing plants and produce hassle-free!

Straw Bale Garden

Learn more and see how easy gardening is with straw bales in the tutorial below!

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How to Make a Straw Bale Garden

If you’ve ever envisioned a garden that demands less upkeep, yields a bounty of produce, and imparts a rustic allure to your outdoor haven, then prepare to be delighted. Straw bale gardening is not merely a technique; it’s a gardening revolution that elevates accessibility and productivity to new heights. So, embark on the journey of crafting a flourishing garden while embracing this unconventional yet incredibly fulfilling approach.

Ready to sow the seeds of knowledge and watch your garden flourish? Gather the essential materials and tools for your straw bale garden!

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  • Straw Bale
  • Potting Soil
  • Plant Seeds of your choice (check below for the best seeds for hay bale)


  • Mattock
  • Hand Cultivator
  • Large Cutting Knife


Choosing the type and amount. You will need to choose bales that are easy enough to move around and place into a permanent position as once they get wet, they will be nearly impossible to move. Also, choose bales that contain little to no weed or bale seeds. This will cut down on weeding.

Lastly, how many bales will you need? Depending on your space, it’s safe to say you can get 2 large plants (squash, cucumber, etc.), 4-5 medium plants (peppers, beans, etc.), or 2 rows of plants (carrots, corn, radishes, etc.). So you will need to have an idea of what you want to plant and how much of it you plan to grow. Then just like any in-ground garden, just space them out as you like.

Good bale choices are:

  1. Straw – has no weeds in it, lightweight, about $8-12
  2. Grass / Pasture Mix – dense, some grass weeds, about $2-8
  3. Oats – some oat seed in it but not bad, about $8-12
  4. Wheat – has some seeds but easily stopped early on, about $8-15
  5. Alfalfa – Do NOT use a high seed count of both wheat and alfalfa! Not recommended! about $10-16

Prepping the bales. The bales you have chosen will need to be placed and left to “rot” for a few months prior to planting. Let them sit in the mid-summer sun to early springtime. Now some people will put organic fertilizer on top during this process to help the plants grow and some will use store-bought stuff. That is all a personal choice; you can do absolutely nothing but let them do their thing.

Gardening tools

Then, use a few small tools to just open up the straw bale where you plan to plant seeds. Put in soil and seeds. For rows like corn and carrots, use a large cutting knife from the $.99 store to cut across the bale grain and then dig out the “guts” of it to put soil in and plant.

Hay Bale Gardening

Create a map or layout of your straw bales before planting to keep track of their placement and what’s starting to sprout. Simple, easy, and reliable.

Hay Bale Gardening

Make flashcards of what seeds you planted with the name, date planted, date sprouted, date harvested, estimated harvest date and days to maturity of each seed type.

Hay Bale Gardening

Use them to identify the type of growth or progress you’re making from day one. This manner, you can properly monitor.

Hay Bale Gardening

Put each packet in its own snack-size zip lock baggie. If the seeds fall out of the packet they wouldn’t get scattered all over. You can easily check them if you want to compare dates and such. Ninety-nine cents gets you 60 baggies.

Hay Bale Gardening

The beans must be Jack’s magic beans! They sprout rapidly, reaching a towering height of up to 1.75 inches in no time!

Everything will grow great and hassle-free. Aside from some grass that will probably grow on the bales, it will work beautifully. The bales will stay nice and lukewarm inside, and you will not find any chemicals or fertilizers other than the potting soil initially used for the seeds.

Thanks to moonshine88 for sharing this great straw bale garden tutorial!

Sow, Grow, and Thrive!

Embark on a journey to garden greatness! Uncover the secrets of harnessing straw bales as the foundation for your thriving garden oasis.

From cultivating vibrant blooms to nurturing delicious crops, this guide is your key to unlocking bountiful harvests and lush, verdant landscapes. Bid farewell to the age-old gardening dilemmas that often accompany traditional methods, and usher in a brand-new era of gardening triumph.

Your garden’s success story begins here, where you’ll revel in the joys of horticultural accomplishment like never before! Get ready for some happy planting!



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