Make your own pallet breaker tool!

DIY Pallet Breaker

We all know that pallets are tough, versatile, and inexpensive. That’s why  pallet furniture is a hit worldwide.  You can build just about anything with pallets !

We’ve seen great dining and coffee tables, beds, wine racks, and bookshelves.  We’ve even seen a few beautiful pieces of lounge garden furniture a skilled DIYer could probably assemble in a weekend!

But precisely because pallets are durable, taking them apart can at times be tricky – if not downright frustrating.

Love pallet projects, but hate the process of taking them apart? You can DIY this tool and you’ll enjoy building with pallets even more!

This pallet breaker can be made from different scrap metals and old yard tools. No expensive materials needed, only some welding skills required.

DIY Pallet Breaker

The idea is very simple and straightforward that it doesn’t need an actual step-by-step tutorial. As long as you can (or you have a friend that can) weld, you can easily figure out how to make your own pallet breaker! The only point to remember is to make sure the fork is wide enough for a 4-inch stringer. If the pallet breaker doesn’t fit the pallet, you can remove one slat first using a hammer.

If you’re planning on working on a big project which requires dismantling several pallets, this DIY tool will surely help a lot, making the job easier and faster!

See the gallery below showing different versions of this DIY pallet breaker to get some ideas on what metal parts you can use when building your own pallet breaker!

Do you know someone who needs this, too?

You’ll need these materials:

  • Metal Scrap (Bed Frame Angle Iron, Black Pipe, Square Tubing, Shovel Handle)
  • Bolts and Nuts
  • Wooden Rod

And these tools:

  • Angle Grinder
  • Welding Machine

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