Relaxing Hot Tub: Practical 10-Step Outdoor Fixture

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DIY Hot Tub

Who wouldn’t want to soak in a relaxing hot tub right in their own backyard? Well, the cost of buying a commercial tub understandably puts a lot of people off. But why buy one when you can build one yourself?

This sure doesn’t fall on the easy DIY projects category, but building your own wood-fired hot tub can save you thousands of dollars. With hard work, enough research, and the help of a trusted professional, you can have this awesome outdoor accessory at a far more affordable price!

DIY Hot Tub

Building a Hot Tub

Now if you are thinking of trying your hand at this DIY project, we found one comprehensive article/tutorial that you can read to help you get started.

Be inspired by viewing the gallery of this DIY hot tub (plus a few more examples) below. Then head over to the article by clicking on the link provided below the album!

Is this going to be your next challenge?


  • Pine Timber
  • Wood-Fired Sauna Stove
  • Water Pipes
  • Chimney (more than 1m long)
  • Natural Wood Oil
  • 3mm thick Metal Sheets
  • Silicone Caulking
  • Deck Screws


  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil Marker
  • Panel Saw
  • Web Clamp
  • Jigsaw
  • Disc Cutter (with polishing disc)
  • Cordless Drill


Step 1: Design and Plan

  • Measure the desired area for your tub and sketch a basic design, including dimensions. Decide on the shape (circular, oval, square) and the depth of your tub.
  • Use a pencil marker and measuring tape to outline your plans on paper, ensuring all measurements are precise to avoid errors during construction.

Step 2: Prepare the Base

  • Select a flat, stable area in your yard for the tub. Clear the area of debris and level it.
  • Lay down a foundation of gravel or concrete to ensure stability and prevent any sinking or shifting.

Step 3: Build the Frame

  • Cut the pine timber into pieces according to your design using the panel saw.
  • Assemble the frame using the cordless drill and deck screws. Ensure that the frame is sturdy and all joints are secure.
  • Use web clamps to hold the frame together tightly as you work.

Step 4: Install the Metal Sheet Lining

  • Measure and cut the 3mm thick metal sheets to fit the interior of the timber frame using the disc cutter.
  • Secure the metal sheets to the frame with deck screws, ensuring no gaps or spaces.
  • Apply silicone caulking along the joints between the metal sheets to ensure waterproofing.

Step 5: Set Up the Water Pipes and Stove

  • Install water pipes for filling and draining the tub. Ensure the pipes are well connected and leak-proof.
  • Position the wood-fired sauna stove strategically, allowing for efficient heating. Make sure it is stable and properly integrated into the design.

Step 6: Install the Chimney

  • Attach the chimney to the wood-fired sauna stove. The chimney should be more than 1 meter long to ensure proper smoke evacuation.
  • Ensure the chimney extends well above the tub area to keep smoke away from bathers.

Step 7: Test for Leaks

  • Fill the tub with water using the installed pipes to check for any leaks.
  • Address any leaks by applying additional silicone caulking where necessary and tightening any loose screws.

Step 8: Finish and Treat the Wood

  • Drain the tub after testing and let it dry.
  • Apply natural wood oil generously to all timber parts to protect the wood from moisture and decay. Allow the oil to penetrate and dry according to the product instructions.

Step 9: Final Setup and Safety Check

  • Once everything is set and the hot tub has dried, perform a final safety check to ensure all components are secure and functioning properly.
  • Fill the tub with water, start the wood-fired stove, and allow the water to heat to the desired temperature.

Step 10: Enjoy Your DIY Hot Tub

  • Once the water is hot, your DIY tub is ready to use. Enjoy a relaxing soak in your backyard!

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You can get more step-by-step instructions from Tarmo over at Experience to Share!

Benefits of Having a Hot Tub

Having a hot tub at home offers not only a little luxury to your house but also many useful advantages that will greatly enhance your life. Let’s explore the reasons a hot tub purchase is a wise one.

Unwind and Let Go of Stress

Nothing compares to lounging in a hot tub to decompress the daily grind. The warmth of the water releases your muscles, so relieving stress and quieting your mind, so revitalising you.

Sleep Like a Baby

Your sleep habits will much improve if you use a hot tub. Setting you up for a deeper and more peaceful slumber, the act of warming up in the hot water and cooling down after getting out helps you totally relax. 

Soothe Your Aches

A hot tub can be a genuine game-changer for anyone suffering with illnesses such arthritis or regular aches and pains. The buoyancy of the water releases weight from your joints, giving quick relief; the heat helps to ease swelling and discomfort.

Boost Your Blood Flow

Dripping in a hot tub expands your blood vessels, increasing circulation. This is fantastic for your heart and general vascular health, as well as treating aching muscles.

Make Time for Family and Friends

Gathering the people you love for quality time together is great in a hot tub. It creates the ideal setting for creating memories whether your family is relaxing or you are throwing a laid-back get-together with friends.

Increase Your Property’s Appeal

Including a hot tub in your house increases the market value of your property in addition to improving your relaxing space. Many purchasers find this to be a desired addition, so enhancing the appeal of your house should you choose to sell.

Each of these points demonstrates that a tub is more than just a luxury; it’s a wise way of life that advances improved health, social contact, and even financial savvy via higher house worth.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Hot Tub

Installing a hot tub is a significant investment that can transform your outdoor living space. However, choosing the right location for your tub is crucial to maximize its benefits and ensure years of enjoyment. Here’s how to pick the perfect spot for your new relaxation haven.

Consider Privacy

Your hot tub should be a private retreat where you can relax without feeling exposed. Look for areas in your yard that are shielded from neighbors’ views. Consider using landscaping, fencing, or privacy screens if natural cover is lacking.

Access to Utilities

Make sure your chosen location has easy access to electricity and water. Running power and water lines across your yard can be expensive, so picking a spot closer to existing utilities can save you both time and money.

Solid, Level Ground

The importance of a solid, level foundation for your hot tub cannot be overstated. An uneven surface can lead to improper water level balance, which might strain the structure and mechanical parts of the tub. For a durable and stable base, a concrete pad is often recommended because it provides a permanent and sturdy foundation.

Alternatively, reinforced decks or specially prepared gravel beds can also be effective, provided they are constructed to handle the weight and movement of the water-filled tub. Ensure that any decking material is reinforced to support the extra load, especially when the tub is in use. Proper preparation of the ground not only extends the lifespan of your tub but also ensures safety and functionality in its operation.

Proximity to the House

Installing your hot tub closer to your home makes it more accessible, especially in colder weather. It also simplifies tasks like changing the water or maintaining the tub. However, ensure it’s not so close that moisture can damage your home’s exterior.

Sun and Shade

Think about how much sun and shade the area receives throughout the day. Some people prefer sunbathing in their hot tub, while others might want a cooler, shaded area to avoid overheating. Consider the path of the sun and position your tub accordingly.

Views and Aesthetics

When deciding where to place your hot tub, consider how the surrounding environment will enhance your relaxation and enjoyment. A strategically placed tub can capitalize on the best views your property has to offer. If you have a garden, position the tub where you can enjoy the sight of blooming flowers and lush greenery.

For those with scenic backyards, like a lakefront or a wooded area, align the hot tub to take in these natural vistas. Even in more urban settings, orienting your tub towards interesting architectural elements or cityscapes can transform your soak into a more immersive experience. Remember, the visual atmosphere surrounding your tub can significantly influence your sense of tranquility and satisfaction.

Easy Access for Maintenance

Accessibility for ongoing maintenance is critical to ensure your hot tub remains in excellent working condition. When choosing a location, consider how easy it is to reach the tub for regular tasks like cleaning, filter changes, and system checks.

You’ll need adequate space around the hot tub to maneuver as you open and close compartments, replace water, or service the heating and filtration systems. This is particularly important for larger models or those with complex features. Additionally, think about the ease of removing and replacing the cover. Without sufficient space, these routine tasks can become cumbersome, detracting from the overall enjoyment of your hot tub.

Selecting the right spot for your hot tub involves balancing practical considerations with your personal preferences for comfort and aesthetics. Taking the time to plan the placement carefully will help you enjoy your tub to the fullest.


While building a hot tub calls for careful design and attention to detail, the benefits of having your own personal leisure area are enormous. To fully enjoy the results, make sure you pick the correct site, materials, and keep accessibility for maintenance. hot tub can become a beloved addition to your house with the correct approach, offering many hours of delight and relaxation.



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