Build a Portable Camp Kitchen For Your Next Fun Picnic or Camping Trip

Portable Camp Kitchen

Spending time with family and friends outdoors is always a great bonding experience. In the fast-paced, urbane lifestyle of today, there is often limited time for maintaining relationships with some of the most important people in our lives. Basking in nature, breathing fresh air, and enjoying a meal outdoors with them invigorates and relaxes, enhancing […]

Bamboo Clothes Ladder

Bamboo Clothes Ladder

Here’s one DIY idea inspired by repurposed ladders used for hanging towels. If you don’t have an old ladder to repurpose and want a rustic look, then gather some bamboo and start making your own ladder! This is also a great little storage or rack idea in the bedroom for scarves and ties. It’s easy to make, […]

How to Make a Secret Compartment in a Book

Secret Book Compartment

The first time I made a book hollow, I didn’t bother looking at a tutorial and I failed. Not that I can’t use my DIY book hollow – I can put stuff inside, but it’s not pretty. It’s really a simple project so I thought I wouldn’t need to read any how-to’s, but if you want […]