How to Connect Faucets with Supply Tubes

Do you need to have your faucet replaced? Now before you remove the old one from the sink, your replacement should obviously be on hand and ready.

Faucets nowadays usually come with pre-attached supply tubes which you can directly connect to the shutoff valves underneath your sink. If the pre-attached supply tubes of your newly bought faucet is of the right length, then it’s good. However in some cases extensions are still needed to make the connections.

Sink Hoses

To save time and make your task more efficient, check current supply lines and tubes if they are in need of replacements as well. This way you won’t have to go back to the hardware store after discovering about a damage or leak later on.

If you’ve got everything prepared and your old faucet removed, you can now proceed to installing your new unit.

(Want to learn how to remove a faucet? Head over to our How to Remove Old Faucets tutorial here.)



  • Faucet


  • Basin Wrench
  • Water-pump Pliers
  • Adjustable Wrenches



1. To attach the faucet to the sink, place a rubber gasket, retainer ring and locknut onto the threaded tailpiece. Use a basin wrench or water-pump pliers to tighten the locknut.

2. If your faucet comes with a decorative cover plate, you can secure it from below by screwing locknuts with washers onto the cover plate bolts.

3. Now connect the pre-attached supply tubing to the shutoff valves using compression fittings.

4. Make sure that the tubes are installed appropriately — the red-labelled tube should be connected to the hot water supply line and the blue-labelled tube should be connected to the cold water supply line.


Source: Plumbing Depot




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