How to Make a Tailgate Wall Bench

Decorating can be expensive. As much as we all wish it were otherwise, making a home look interesting and presentably costs a lot of money. Fabrics, rugs, furniture, mirrors: all these things add up after a while. Throw in some coveted high-end items and you’ll likely blow your budget faster than you can say “Fast.” […]

From a Brass Sink to a Japanese Forest House

A couple years ago I found a neat little brass sink at the local recycle center.   Enamored of shiny objects,  I coveted it’s golden glow,  entirely aware of the fact that I had no use for such a thing.   I wandered around for an hour or so with it in my hand,  looking at other […]

Greenhouse From Old Windows

Recycled crafts are some of the most popular projects we have here and we like them all. In addition to their positive environmental contribution, trash to treasure crafts are especially frugal, coming with little or no additional cost at all. These unique trash-to-treasure crafts are great ways to take things that are old and make […]

DIY Oak Barrel Bar

If you like the idea of having your alcohol and spirits tucked away but still within easy reach, this repurposed oak barrel bar could work for you. The addition of a simple lock will also keep the kids out of it. This would also serve as a great gift idea for those you know that love to […]

DIY Green Roof Dog Veranda

Green Roof Dog House

Hey look! We’ve got green roofs too! Even the kennels are going green!  Giving a green/living roof to a kennel provides the same benefits for your ‘best friend’ as it does for human homes. It keeps it cool in summer and much warmer in winter. In fact, a green roof offers exceptional insulation properties. As […]

DIY Sliding Pants Rack

Here’s a great project for improving your wardrobe! Though there are similar ideas you can find in stores, why buy when you can just make it yourself? By doing it yourself, you can have a more organized place for pants without having to buy a whole new cabinet. It’s also great for its ease of […]

DIY Pallet Headboard

Headboard Pallet

Who could have predicted the wildly popular success of pallets in the field of home décor? The humble wooden shipping leftovers have become ubiquitous, popping up as kitchens panels, furniture, and even outdoor structures. People use them all kinds of DIY projects inside the home, on the porch, and in the yard. Here’s another great creation […]