Sturdy DIY Pedestal for Your Washing Machine and Dryer

4. Do the same with the other 25″ and two 13″.


5. Connect the 2 x 4’s into the side panels. Secure using screws or nails.


6. Place the top panel in place. Secure using screws and nails.

7. To cover the back, measure from each end of the side panels. That will be your size. Height will still be 15″.


Now paint that beautiful work of art to match your washer and dryer.


You can brush or spray paint it! Whichever you choose, be creative!


You don’t have to go paint areas that would be covered by your machine and wall.


And you’re done!


Are your laundry machines located outdoors, in a more open area? Even perfect! These pedestals could serve as protection for the bottom parts of your electronics. It would keep them nice and clean, away from dirt.

To make this more suitable outdoors, finish it with some metal sheet at the bottom edges or apply waterproof coating on the entire pedestal.

Thanks to raxel for this great project!



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