Smoker by Flip Tetlow

Doing an outdoor smoke / grill open air building behind my shop / house. Thought I would document here for whoever is interested. Just had the slab poured which is 9’ x 12’ and using some logs from a log cabin build which were extras. Should be able to get most of it framed up this week I hope. Going to put the smoker on one side and have a counter with a sink, propane stove on the other side.

It will be open air, smoker and grill on one side. The other side is going to have a counter with a propane 2 burner stove, sink (hot and cold) with seating on the outside of the counter.

Flat screen up in one peak in a weather proof box with the other end being open.

Off to one side will be the relocated throwing hatchet area. Just a nice area to sit down and have a beer, do a little grilling and watch a game.

Looks like the roof and all corner bracing will be done today, then it’s up to me to finish it off.

These are the two cabinets I am going to use as the counter. Glass to be removed and other carved panels to replace them and some salvage black corian solid surface material that is going to be the counter. All are carved teak, with a marine plywood base. Going to be up on aluminum legs about 1” up off the slab so it can be hosed out.

They have one side of the roof done, shows the 6” step-up roof we did at the top for smoke and heat to vent out. 3” overhang with a steep pitch should keep all but a blowing rain out.

Building all done, now it’s up to me to finish it. It’s going to take awhile but should get most of it done in the next month or two.
Got the new stand built for the smoker this week and moved it off the trailer and onto the new stand. Hope to get the counters in this weekend maybe.

Moved the 2 counters in this weekend. Just need to remove the top glass and install the counter tops.

Front glass is going to be covered with more wood carving, plus a bit of wood repair on the outside.
Was able to get a bit of work done, counters, sink, stove, carved wood trim on the front, couple of props installed. Still need to run elec, water, etc.. maybe over the next couple of weeks.

Picked up some re-pop tractor seats on Friday and welded up some simple pipe in pipe swivel brackets. Painted them last night and installed them today while I was doing some smoking.

Wished I had the power and TV done, could be watching the Packers out there.
Just a quick update, all conduits have been run. 1 ¼” for the 75’HDMI cable along with a speaker wire, 1” for Elec. to run in, ¾” water line and drain line. Bought a 42” LCD from Walmart on Thanksgiving morning online, free shipping and was here that Saturday.
Also bought a nice heavy duty swivel wall mount.

Had quite a few people over on Thanksgiving weekend and it was received well, had a nephew visiting and think he gave up with a good name.

“Top of the Hill Bar & Grill”

It sits about 4’ higher then the house does so in Florida that makes it a hill.

Pic’s to come when there is something new to look at.

Did get a few minutes today and hooked up the water and drain to the sink and bolted the stove and hooked up the gas line.

Did install weather vane a few days ago, seemed like it needed one.
Ok, it’s about 95% done just a few small things to take care of. The TV box was installed this morning along with the 42” TV. 75’ HDMI cord works like a champ running from my shop system. My wife came up with the idea of doing the door in one section and have it lift straight up, couple of pulleys a bit of good rope and works great.

Also was able to install my new hatchet throwing target, which came down when we started this build.

So we can just sit back and enjoy it in the afternoon doing a little grilling / smoking with a cool beverage.

Thanks, everything should hold up fairly well with the weather, Casework is all teak with marine ply frame; set up on aluminum feet, solid surface counters, stove will have a cap on it when not in use. TV cabinet is weather tight also; high humidity might get the TV but will have to see. Ton’s of them in outdoor open air bars, etc.. The place is really made to hose down from the inside to clean.

But the way it’s going don’t think it will ever rain here again. J
Here is a night time shot, having drink, watching Sunday football, cooking some pork chops…

Add a bit more stuff, for whoever is interested.

Still have a bit to go, but cook out there about 6 days a week.

Doing quite a few smokes over the summer and grilling out almost every night. The post by the firebox would get quite hot and make the sap just drip out.

So used some 1/8″ Alum diamond plate and did a little roll on each side attaching them to the post with SS screws and Alum tube to make a heat shield.

Seems to work great and does not look too bad, don’t have to worry about burning the place down.





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