How To Build A Miniature Greenhouse

Here’s a really simple, very easy to build greenhouse that you can fit just about anywhere. Got more space? Then scale up or build two! They’re very easy and quick to build. This is a lot less expensive than a comparable store-bought greenhouse. The materials are affordable and are easily found in your local hardware […]

DIY Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

Thinking of selling your home? It’s best that you invest your time and a little money in improving your kitchen and bathroom. They are the big sellers that can increase the value of your home. The bathroom in particular is where you get the most return for your investment. Let there be no confusion, however:  […]

How To Build an Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Backyard BBQ

Your home’s backyard offers all kinds of potential. If yours is nothing more than grass, then it’s time to do something about it. With some work, you can turn your backyard into a favorite gathering space or a private retreat where you go to relax and recharge after a long day. The bottom line is […]

Do-It-Yourself Cement Patio

DIY Cement Patio

Want a patio that’s a bit more exciting than plain old grey concrete? This project will give you a great looking patio at a fraction of the cost of a professional job. The design used in this patio is made with a handmade pattern. The owner had come across plastic forms for making walkways, but didn’t […]

Garage Door Turned Into Table

Most garage doors are now made from aluminum or composites as they’re lightweight, and last longer compared to their older timber counterparts. As homes get refurbished and modernised, that old timber garage door is usually one of the casualties. Most will end up in landfill. But here’s a much better solution. Instead of taking them to the […]

Smoker by Flip Tetlow

Doing an outdoor smoke / grill open air building behind my shop / house. Thought I would document here for whoever is interested. Just had the slab poured which is 9’ x 12’ and using some logs from a log cabin build which were extras. Should be able to get most of it framed up […]

How To Make An Outdoor Pizza Oven

Everybody loves pizza. Even better if it’s freshly baked and homemade! You don’t need to have an outdoor kitchen for this to be possible. This hand-built outdoor pizza oven is the solution. This relatively cheap project will definitely improve your backyard. It’s a great way to entertain guests during summer, and even during winter. It’s […]

How To Build A Gazebo

DIY Gazebo

The word “gazebo” often brings to mind an octagonal white garden building at the end of a long sweep of green grass. While many do fit this traditional image, today’s gazebos are just as likely to be square, rectangular, or round. They may sit close to the house, too, to encourage outdoor dining. They can […]

Do-It-Yourself Bed With Drawers

In every room of your house there is always a better way to maximize the space. For some rooms it may be as simple as decluttering, tidying up here and there. That’s not always the case with the bedroom. The bed is not an easy obstacle to work around, after all. But what if you […]

Tiny House Camper

Ever wanted to have a camper trailer? How about one that is absolutely unique? One that doesn’t need any erection when you get to your favourite camping spot. Your solution, your own tiny house on wheels, is just a few weekends away! Make it a little larger and you might just want to get rid of your […]