Easy Way To Make A Raised Planter Stand

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Raised planters aren’t a new idea. Dating back to 300 BC when the pre-Hispanic peoples of the Andes used them to prevent erosion, there is ample reason for their still-growing popularity today.

This easy and inexpensive raised planter stand is a great solution for a variety of garden issues.

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Raised planter stand is a great option for keeping your garden organized, and if you don’t want to plant directly on the ground so as to keep critters away from your produce.

If you’re looking for an easy way to garden, raised planter stands are the way to go. Not only do they make it easy to add fertilizer and amendments to your soil, but they also help improve drainage and prevent soil compaction.

Plus, raised planter stands can be used to create a custom growing environment for your plants, making it easier to control factors like temperature, humidity, and light.

This design also allows you to attach trellising!

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Building a raised planter stand is a great way to add some extra greenery to your home without breaking the bank. You can repurpose some old timber from previous woodworking projects to create a sturdy and stylish stand. Drums make great planters and are inexpensive and easy to find locally.

What would you be planting on your own raised planter stand?

If you have other ideas on how this can be improved, let us know in the comments section.

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You’ll need these materials:

(3) 55 Gallon Plastic Barrel
2×4 Pressure Treated Lumber

And these tools:

  • Hand Saw
  • Measuring Tape
  • Clamps
  • Straight Edge (square)
  • Wood Glue
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Screws
  • Power Drill/Driver


Build The Assemblies

You’ll need four assemblies for three drums. Begin by building the four support assemblies that will connect the 2×4 stringers. For simplicity, make them identical and symmetrical.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

The legs are made from 4×6 pressure treated (PT) lumber, with a height of 26-1/4″. The cross members connecting each leg are made from 2×4 PT and are joined together using dadoes cut.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Cut cross members to 31″ then apply adhesive and attach screws in points connecting the members. Make sure the adhesive is evenly applied to both surfaces before attaching the screws. Use a level to make sure the cross members are even before attaching the screws.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Connect The Assemblies

After building the assemblies we are now to connect them together. Stake one of the four assemblies to the ground to prevent it from moving. Then measure the exact location where the next assembly should be attached. Stake the second assembly in the location determined earlier.

You can then lay a 2×4 on top of the legs and fasten them using a screw. After that side is done proceed to the other side. Attach a 2×4 on the assemblies’ cross member and screw it into place.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Attach Spacers

Using screws, attach 2x4s with the length of 2′ to the inner side of the 2×4’s connecting the legs of assemblies. These will serve as spacers of your raised planter stand, giving the drums a snug fit and preventing them from rolling. This will ensure that your drums are stable and will not move around when you are playing them.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Cut And Install Drums

Carefully draw lines on the drums where the cut will be made. Cut the drum using a circular saw with carbide tipped blade. Once the drums are cut in half, wash them and let them dry. Drill holes for drainage. Lastly, install the drums and fill them with soil. You can use the 2x4s that connect the legs of the assemblies to add a trellis.

Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed
Plastic Barrel Raised Garden Bed

Thanks to RushFan for the original idea!



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