Do-It-Yourself Picnic Table Tutorial


Like us, you’ve probably seen a lot of picnic tables in your life. But I think you’ll admit that this one gets a few extra points for the aesthetics. If you like it as much as we do, we figure you can make it for about a third of the cost of a store-bought picnic table.  So gather with your family and maybe a friend or two and get started. This sturdy looking picnic table will comfortably seat a whole family but if you need something bigger, there’s a three-meter (10′) version shown here as well!

It’s very easy to make as you can see from the provided plans, materials list, tools needed, and instructions. If you have a lot of big gatherings, you might even prefer to make two!



Start off with the benches. Cut wood pieces with measurements given in the below pictures. You can choose to miter cut the corners of the bench seat (just like in the first photo here) or you can simply cut three equal measurements as shown in the metric plans here.

Sand wood pieces to get rid of the rough edges.

Assemble the benches with the screws and attach them to the connecting wood with threaded rods.


Screw the connecting wood 2 inches from the ground.


Now that you have the benches together, you can go next to the table, starting with the “X” legs. Form an “X” following the measurements given and mark the wood with a pencil. Make a groove with these marks which should be about 2/3 deep.


Join them together and secure them with wood screws. And then attach the tabletop.


Lastly, connect the table with the bench set. The underside of the table’s legs should be level with the underside/edge of the connecting wood. Therefore, the “X” legs should also be 2 inches high from the ground.


Imperial Measurements:


Metric Measurements:


Thanks drean, for the great idea!

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